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Colorado CyberKnife believes that advanced cancer care must be affordable for everyone. Our commitment to compassionate cancer care is focused on permitting patients determining the best care with their Specialist without undue anxiety related to treatment costs typically experienced by patients in exorbitant hospital and corporate medicine settings

Contact us today and our Financial Counselor will review and discuss all Private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and Self Payment options with you.

Unlike most hospitals and health systems, our focus on compassionate care has always been to meet the patient where they are in their clinical and financial need—and not to aggressively pursue external collections or to report to credit bureaus or engage collection agencies… rather, we have never turned a patient away for care because of their financial means.

CyberKnife Cost Comparison Model

CyberKnife Cost Comparison Model

CyberKnife treatment at Colorado CyberKnife is provided to you at a cost less than half of other cancer treatments and we accept all major forms of health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. For Self Pay patients, we offer very flexible and affordable payment plans and have never sent a patient to collections.

Currently, there are over 300 CyberKnife treatment systems located in the United States… 98% of which are in hospitals. We are a free-standing, Non-Hospital treatment center and as such, cancer treatment costs are regularly 50% – 75% less expensive than a hospital setting. We have never turned away a patient over payment.

How is CyberKnife less expensive?

Because of its unsurpassed maneuverability and robotic design, CyberKnife can emit radiation from virtually any direction to conform to the unique shape of any tumor with extreme accuracy less than one millimeter… similar to a pinpoint. This is significantly different from conventional radiation therapy that delivers more radiation to healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.

As a result, larger and more effective doses of radiation can be administered over a much shorter period of time (typically one to five treatments) with the added benefit of very few radiation side effects.

All of this results in higher-quality cancer care at a reduced cost to you.

CyberKnife is:

  • Painless & Non-Invasive
    1. Compared to alternative treatments that can take up to 8 – 9 weeks (including relocation in some cases) or 40 – 45 sessions of radiation therapy, an entire CyberKnife treatment plan can be completed in 4 to 5 sessions. Each treatment session is typically completed in one hour or less.
  • No Surgical Complications or Anesthesia
    1. Aside from the placement of tiny gold markers called fiducials inside of the prostate, a pre-treatment procedure that assists the imaging system to more accurately target tumors, the CyberKnife treatment process is completely non-invasive. No incisions, anesthesia or hospitalization are required.
  • Saves Healthy Tissues and Structures
    1. To date the efficacy outcomes of CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer have been comparable to other treatment outcomes at five years:

SBRT Toxicity Comparison

Will CyberKnife Treatment Cost Less at Colorado CyberKnife or at a Hospital?

Colorado CyberKnife

We are a free-standing, non hospital treatment center and as such, cancer treatment costs are regularly 50% – 75% less expensive than a hospital setting.

Why Treatment is Less Expensive in a Free-Standing Center

  • No Chargemaster
    1. A chargemaster is “the central mechanism of the revenue cycle” of a hospital. It is also credited with the soaring health care costs in America and does not exist in Free-Standing Treatment Centers like Colorado CyberKnife. Click Here to read more about the benefits of not having a chargemaster.
  • Low Overhead
    1. Most hospital bills contain many, many confusing line items of that may not even be related to the care you received. We discuss the entire cost of your procedure, up front, with no hidden fees or trickery. Read More…
  • Compassionate Care
    1. Hospitals are renowned for their aggressive collections and bankruptcy attitudes. Colorado CyberKnife has NEVER turned a patient away for ability to pay. We will work with you, no matter your situation and help you if we can. Click here to read more about our compassionate care program.

Contact Colorado CyberKnife today and we’ll discuss how our compassionate cancer care can help you.